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I'm coming back!

I have been away from spinning and livejournal for over a year now. I'm coming back! Please check out my new blog: http://knitsoup.wordpress.com and my shop: http://milkyrobot.etsy.com for new updates, yarn and more! <3

New Zoë Pics!

Zoë has already had her first surgery and is healing up nicely! She is now 4 1/2 months old, 24 1/2" tall and over 16 lbs! She had to wear arm restraints for 10 days, but we took them off at 8 days... shhhhh! ;)


Gocco PG-5 for sale!

I'm selling my Gocco PG-5! It has been usd, but is in excellent condition. Everything included with it except the screens and bulbs. Those can be purchased on etsy. I love the thing, but need the money at the moment. Asking $130 + shipping.

Cheeky Monster

Here's little Zoë at 2 months, 11 lb & 3 oz! :)

Bumbo Seat

And another one of my favorite pictures of the cheeky monster...

... and the beat goes on



I've been neglecting this blog for to long. Come see me here! http://milkyrobot.wordpress.com

Daddy Time

We went back to the pediatrician again today to see how her jaundice is doing and it’s all gone now! Yay! The doctor said she’s very healthy and doing good. We need to get her to eat more though, she tends to nod off while feeding time and doesn’t get as much as she should get in. So we have to keep waking her up during feedings, fun time! It’s so hard to do it, especially when she looks so peaceful.

Daddy Time


After we got home, Bob go home the same time and took Zoe into his arms for some Daddy time. She just stared at him, it was so cute. She’s probably thinking “Why does he have fur on his face?”.

They’re on the couch next to me right now suckin’ down a bottle and falling asleep while he burps her. Hahaha! When he burps her, she has an old man face with squishy puffy cheeks!

Still Alive

I’m doing pretty good still. She’s been sleeping since 6 am now and it’s a little after 9 am. I have a bottle ready to go, diapers at my finger tips and ready for her to wake up. Bob will be home around 4 today, only 7 hours to go!

Ladybug Sleeper



I’m fully awake now and ready. I took some small naps while she was sleeping this morning. I also managed to run to the bathroom and change my shirt while she slept, so now I feel more human now. Ready to tackle on being super mom today!

She Pooped

Yay! Zoe finally pooped again today. Your probably thinking, ” and…?” Zoe had 3 dirty diapers in the hospital and then when we brought her home, nothing… for 3 days! This morning we had a nice surprise. Thats when I tell Bob I have to pee and let him change her! hahah

Today is the first day I’ll be all alone with Zoe till Bob gets home. Wish me luck! I hope I have all of my hair by the end of the day. (cross my fingers)

Sleeping Zoe


So far, so good. I gave her a bottle this morning at around 5 am and put her down to sleep at 6 am. It’s been almost an hour and she’s still sleeping! Lets see how long this will last! :)

Zoe Zoe Zoe

It’s all about little Zoe now! :) Today we took her to get her first check up and shot. She is very slightly jondice but other than that she is very healthy and strong. Zoe took a very good nap for us today, she slept for more than 3 hours and would have slept more but we had to get to here visit. She has been eating really well and starting to sleep really well also. On the way home she passed out in her carseat so I’m taking advantage of that time to post this blog. Whew… I love these moments!

Zoe crashing with daddy and other random pictures from today!


Well, I’m gonna get the little gloworm up and cuddle!

Zoe's Second Day

It’s day 2 with our little gloworm (I think she looks like a gloworm, a very cute one). We finally got to go home, but first we had to go to a meeting with one of the surgeons. They did the taping to prep her for her first surgery.

Today we found out some good news. Her first surgery will be her nose AND lip together. It won’t be until she’s 3 months old but the time will fly fast. She has to have her lip taped across for 2 weeks and wear a mouth peice for 12 weeks. Poor little girl, but it is all for the good!


Zoes First Taping

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